An interactive afternoon of short talks and meditations organised by St Stephen Walbrook in partnership with Awakened Artists and Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine. The event includes contributions from artists, collectors & spiritual teachers centred around the relationship between art and the spiritual dimension. Inspired by a recent interview with Eckhart Tolle in Mind Body Spirit Magazine, the afternoon will primarily focus on art's capacity to 'awaken' humanity and serve as a portal to the invisible realms of beauty.

The event will be held in the context of an exhibition at St Stephen Walbrook of Alexander de Cadenet’s ‘Life-Burgers’, works which question the vanity of worldly existence and explores the “cultural hero system” proposed by philosopher Ernest Becker.

Presenters: Alexander de Cadenet, Jonathan, Theresa Roberts, Revd Mark Dean, Roseline de Thélin, Jonathan Kearney, Edward Lucie-Smith and Revd Jonathan Evens.

Art Awakening Humanity at St Stephen Walbrook London 2017

For more information please visit: | Read the Press Release Art Awakening Humanity

Jamaican Spiritual
A Jamaican Art Exhibition at St Stephen Walbrook, London

The show is made up of painting,sculpture and photography highlighting the strong spiritual nature of Jamaica and it’s people. Whilst predominantly Christian, Jamaica is home to a wide mix of religions which coexist peacefully.The variety of spiritual beliefs held on the island reflect the diverse nature of the people who live there and the motto of the country ”Out of many one people.“
Whilst spirituality is the overriding theme the exhibition inevitably also offers a compelling insight into the diverse nature and vibrancy of modern Jamaica.

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Black Jesus Painting and inviation to art exhibition

Jamaica Spiritual Catalogue (PDF)

Jamaica Connection Catalogue (PDF)

ART JAMAICA IN FASHION - watch the video
Exhibition of fashion inspired by art in collaboration with Sharmain Forde Couture
8 – 13 August 2012, 27 Cork Street, London

Style Observer September 2012 Page 4-5 Style Observer September 2012 Page 14 - 15 FashionCatalogueImage-sm
Images: THE STYLE OBSERVER JAMAICA, September 2012

-> download PDF Article Style Observer -> download PDF Art Jamaica Catalogue

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Jamaican Men - A Collectors Choice
19 - 29 June 2012
europe_sm Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1

ArtJamaica in conjunction with 12 Star Gallery at Europe House is delighted to announce that it will be staging a new exhibition featuring 30 works entitled "Jamaican Men, “A Collectors Choice" between 20th and 29th June 2012.
The new show complements the previous exhibition "Art Jamaica" put on at Murray Edwards College Cambridge in October 2010 which featured Jamaican women artists.
The latest show demonstrates some of the major themes in Jamaican Art and the way in which they have been treated by artists such as Albert Huie in the 1970's through to contemporary male artists such as Philip Thomas.
An interesting sub-theme is the way in which families (such as the Watsons- HRH Prince Harry of Wales unveiled Basil Watson’s painting on his recent trip to Jamaica), have passed the creative instinct from one generation to the next creating artistic dynasties in the process.

ArtJamaica is a not for profit organisation established by Theresa Roberts (one of Europe's foremost collectors of Jamaican Art) to promote the art of the island.
12 Star Gallery is the art gallery established in Europe House,32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU.The gallery is open 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.
2012 is the 50th anniversary of Jamaica's independence.

Read the article of Jonathan Fryer about the exhibition:

Catalogue: Jamaican-Men_catalogue.pdf
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The Spirit of Jamaica”
Exhibition at The House of Lords, London, October 2011
See the catalogue (PDF):

Catalogue “The Spirit of Jamaica”<br />Exhibition at The House of Lords, London, 13 October 2011

Art-Jamaica Exhibition
Chateau Giez, Geneva, July 2011

See the catalogue (PDF):


‘Art Jamaica Exhibition'
Exhibition in Newhall, November 2010