"When Jamaican art took over London!"
“Voice Online“, 23 August 2017


IT WAS a blessing to attend the recent art exhibition, 'Jamaican Spiritual' at St. Stephen Walbrook Church in the heart of The City of London.
The City of London, also known as The Square Mile, is home to The Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral and The Bank of England. It is essentially the hub of financial regulation, monarchical tradition and state religion in the United Kingdom.
It is within this context that 12 Jamaican artists thrust 18 amazing pieces of artwork unto the fabric of British society inviting stockbrokers, clergy, congregants, professors, pupils, medics, mendicants and more to view and absorb the phenomenal energy and vibe of their splendid and spiritually-significant works of art.
It was indeed an honour to present the opening remarks at the launch of this highly noteworthy show, which was sponsored, produced and curated by very popular and well-known art patron, Theresa Roberts; who is also founder of the Jamaica Patty Co; based in Covent Garden.

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"When Jamaican art took centre-stage in the city of London"
“The Gleaner“, 4 August 2017


“Jamaican Spirituality on Display”
The Style Observer, 23 July 2017

The Style Observer 2017 about Jamaican Spirituality on Display

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"DISPATCH FROM LONDON: Jamaican Spirituality on Display"

“Jamaica Observer“, 23 July 2017


Earlier this summer, in an interesting little church in Central London, St Stephen Walbrook, British Jamaican art cognoscenti and patron Theresa Roberts curated a small but absorbing exhibition showcasing “Jamaican Spiritual” art. The show ran from July 3 to July 14 and while I missed the opening I was able to catch the exhibition a few days before it closed. I was glad I did.

There were only 20 pieces drawn from private collections, galleries and the artist themselves, but the 20 works shown captured a reasonable representation of our artistic efforts in recent times. While the pieces skewed more towards 2016/2017 there was a stunning oil on canvas by Carl Abrahams from the'80s and a gentle Facey- Cooper bronze pair of hands from the '90s

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"Jamaican Spiritual Art And Its Relationship To Religion
by Edward Lucie-Smith"

“ArtLyst“, 8 July 2017


A small confession to make here: I wrote a brief text for the catalogue of this show because Jamaica is where I originally come from. The subject of the exhibition is Jamaican art, manifested in its relationship to religion.

The feeling is not absolutely always related to the Christian faith. There is a fine Art Deco bronze here, representing Orpheus with his lyre, in a state of ecstasy. It is the work of Edna Manley, generally considered to be the founder of a recognisably Jamaican school of artists. She was also an important political figure, married to Norman Manley, one of the chief pioneers of Jamaican independence, leader of the Jamaican Peoples National Party, Chief Minister from 1955 to 1959, and Premier of Jamaica fro 1959 to 1962.

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"Jamaican Connections"

19 July 2015


"Jamaican Connections"

West Briton Newspaper


"Falmouth's links with Jamaica explored in Falmouth Art Gallery exhibition"

"the Packet", 19 July 2015


Phillip Thomas — An Artist In Residence

21 Sep 2014

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'Jamaica's Been Framed'

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jamaica-observer ART JAMAICA IN FASHION
Exhibition of fashion inspired by art in collaboration with Sharmain Forde Couture
8 – 13 August 2012, 27 Cork Street, London

Style Observer September 2012 Page 4-5 Style Observer September 2012 Page 14 - 15 FashionCatalogueImage-sm
Images: THE STYLE OBSERVER JAMAICA, September 2012

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jamaica-observer Art Jamaica Exhibition inNew Hall, Cambridge
22 Oct-18 Nov 2010 New Hall Press Release
Introducing the unique vibrancy and flavour of Jamaica's modern and contemporary art scene through the work of her women artists

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gleaner 24 Feb 2012

Mica Paris in Concert at Hanover Grange


International Recording Star Mica Paris was the headline act at a charity concert and cocktail party held at Hanover Grange, Jamaica, on 19th March.
The concert was in aid of The Edna Manley Foundation which was represented on the night by Patricia Ramsey
Supporting acts were Kevor Williams and Tallulah Rendell.
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Celebrating the Launch


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Art Crosses the Pond
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