Basil Watson
See also: The Watson Dynasty

'The National Windrush Monument'
Maquette, Bronze

Bronze sculpture by Basil Watson: Maquette of the National Windrush Monument, London

'The National Windrush Monument'
at Waterloo Station, London, Bronze

A large sculpture by Basil Watson is situated at London's railway station - a national windrush monument

'Martin Luther King' 2021
A new monument of #MartinLutherKing​ in Atlanta – on the very street that bears his name.
The 12-foot statue of #MLK​ was created by artist Basil Watson.

Watch the video 'Martin Luther King' 2021

Public sculpture of Martin Luther King by artist Basil Watson


Basil Watson: Figurine in Bronze depicting a nude girl

Born 1958, Kingston, Jamaica.
Attended Jamaica School of Art, Kingston, Jamaica.